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$5.00 - $50.00

Mica Highlighter

$5.00 - $50.00
Natural Mica Highlighter Powder.

Our Mica highlighting powders are very pigmented and blinding in its own. There are six shades to choose from (Colors Below). These powders can be used on your nose, upper cheeks, forehead and chin area. You can even use them as an eye shadow. They come in 10ml jars, very loose pigmented and must be handled delicately. They can be very messy if not handled without care. Use any Makeup Remover to remove it off the face area.


* Savannah (Beautiful Bronze Shade)
* Maui (Luxury Mustard Shade)
* Egyptian (Exotic Gold Shade)
* Haven (Creamy Purple Shade)
* Bora (Pure White Shade)
* Tahiti (Perfected Pink Shade)
* Brush Sets also Available

Ingredients: Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Coconut Oil

**The more Highlighters you purchase, the more savings youll get on them. try buying all six to save $$$**